Celebrating Earth Day 2020

Fossil fuel burning, exploitation of rain forests, laziness of governments towards making environment friendly policies have driven us to this situation where glacier ice are melting at rates faster than anytime in the entire history. The earth is in danger and we as the so called smartest species on the planet have to take the responsibility of saving our mother nature. If we fail in it, the entire world population will be in danger.

So, this Earth Day, on 22nd April, let us take a pledge to act for the climate and preserve what we still have. And to help you take climate action forward, PampEarth come up with some digital activities in this phase of quarantine. 

Share your stories with us: You are capable of becoming a HERO for mother earth and your switch to a sustainable lifestyle leaving behind all those non Eco-friendly habits is a great thing to start off as a climate activist. So share your "Sustainable Stories", steps you have taken at your personal level to help the planet breathe greener. And the best story wins rewards and gets published in our website as well as social media platforms.


Join us in Online Quiz: Test your knowledge in climate information and invite your friends to learn more about the same by taking part in our Online Quiz on Earth Day 2020. The winner receives exciting gifts and rewards from PampEarth and Avanyisa SWO.