IPC program by PampEarth:

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There is much more than being just an ordinary customer. Be a part of PampEarth to create a Green impact for your environment. We provide you with opportunities to contribute towards greener & safer Environment through Internships, Partnerships & Cooperation.

Program benefits:

1. Internship certificate

2. Startup experience

3. Free gift hampers

4. Monetary values

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About IPC program:


After visiting many festivals and places to promote our range of sustainable products, we at PampEarth are now looking to make your requirements available at the stores nearest to you. And for that, we are look for your Cooperation & Partnership. The goal is to make sustainable products more reachable and easily available in every corner of the city.

With the IPC initiative,  PampEarth is trying to bring awareness regarding the havoc created by waste  generated by  them and how ultimately they are the ones to be effected. We are trying to bring willingness among people to generate less waste by switching to sustainable products or reusable products.

Program Goal:

There might be hundreds of people looking to make a sustainable switch. But all they might lack is the availability of sustainable options at their hands. And therefore, joining this program, your goal will be making such options available in your locality and to your near and dear ones. A step towards building a sustainable society.

Program Responsibility:

As a responsible citizen of the globe, we must protect the environment. But with the life full of hassle, we often don't find the time to go searching for sustainable options. So, with this program, we want you to take the responsibility of making such sustainable options available in your locality while you avail the benefits of the program.

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