'My Sustainable Story' winner Anup Sharma: How I Contributed in Solar Energy Awareness.

May Sun God bless the congregation of 1 million students of the world with His blessings of ‘Tamaso Ma Jyotigamaya’. I wish Global Students Solar Assembly be illuminated with success.” -by Honorable Prime Minister of India, Shri. Narendra Modi.

Everyone including you might wonder how a remote-controlled car moves according to your instructions. Even I wondered that, and that's how I got fascinated towards. From breaking my toys in Childhood to see what’s inside to making my own robot which can talk to human was a fantastic journey and more ahead to come. When I tried connecting the dot in my life, I came to know that it’s all about energy. I was Very curious how electricity works, what’s make us calculate to do math faster than me. But then the change started when I came to know that to generate electricity, we are using fossil fuel, coal and also hazardous our environment at a larger scale then I tried to explore about sustainable energy. Whenever we think of Sustainable energy, the first thing in our mind comes is none other than the Solar energy. Solar energy can be considered as blessing in my opinion. The free and yet very powerful energy source has various applications in the modern industry. It is also known as zero carbon energy. Slowly and gradually I tried gaining more knowledge on solar energy and during my final year diploma project we have made “Solar based Autonomous Grass Cutter” which got great attention from faculties and student. Even some faculties encouraged me to take this project forward and implement it at larger scale.

On September 12, 2020, while reading articles on solar future tech I came across GGSY initiative from IIT Bombay website, there they mentioned about the success of this event as it also set up its name on Guinness Book of World record. After gathering all information about GGSY Solar Student Ambassador workshop I made up our minds to conduct this event in our college too in collaboration with IIT Bombay. The real challenge for me then was to Make this event happen now is was the time to get some like minded people on board and faculty coordinator, after going ups and downs the stairs several time I was able to convince one of our faculty and he got ready to become coordinator. After that we went to HOD of ECE department after getting his permission we went to director of D.U.I.E.T Prof. P Bhattacharyya . He permitted and forwarded our proposal to TEQIP III to give us financial support us to make this event happened. Then we went to Nodal Officer Dr. (Mrs) Gitalee Sharma, after looking to our proposal madam forwarded it to TEQIP III Cell. After that our road was open to conduct this event.

First of all, we got the registration of all the participants who had come from various parts of Assam including AEC, JEC , JIST ,Guwahati University, Assam Kaziranga University etc. through Google Form more than 250 within 24 hour then we have selected 120+ student among them. Being the single point of contact (SPOC) for IIT Bombay to DUIET, DU and Master trainer of event which I have got after completing the online training with more than 90 % accuracy. I got a chance to train students on Solar energy. It gave me ample joy along with great learning experience to tell student about Solar energy.

I have stated my session on “Gandhiji Principle on way of life” by stating according to Mahatma Gandhi, the “Not mass production but production by masses is required”. In the context of energy, lack of energy access and climate change, the need of the hour is the production of energy by masses. All students were having some misconceptions about solar energy and solar cells hence in order to clear all such doubts and misconceptions, I delivered a lecture on “awareness about solar energy”. As this initiative also fulfill SDG 7(Affordable and clean energy) and SDG 13(Climate action) I have shared the basic and importance of SDG to audience.

After first half now it was the time to give everyone hands on training on making GGSY SOLAR LAMP. Then we proceeded further to lab explaining student on which components we will be used in making the solar study lamp, commonly known as Solar Urja (Energy) Lamp (SoUL), is a lighting device consisting of a solar PV module, battery, LED, and electronics. We could clearly see the excitement and joy of learning new thing in the eyes of our audience. Hence with raised enthusiasm, We shown the audience how we can test the components, how does led glow, what are the safety aspect while soldering LED with PCB etc. The main objective of the Yatra is to provide Hands-On training for more than 1 Million Students Solar Ambassadors across the globe on 2nd October 2019.

A Preview of Solar Lamp

After glowing all the solar lamp students were gathered at the conference hall and they had taken oath of GGSY based on principle of Mahatma Gandhi

Sun is giving us tremendous amount of energy. Let's be intelligent enough to make use of it! Let's go a step ahead by using Solar energy. I've contributed, Will you ?

-Anup Sharma

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