Plant a tree when you use a Pencil

It will be right to say, since its invention pencils have been a valuable in our daily essentials. Pencils have not just marked our numerous pages but have also created their special position in every individual’s life. It is the very tool one uses as a toddler to scribble his first alphabets. And an artist would probably say, "The pencil is mightier than the sword." This unique item made of graphite wrapped in wood and cut into long cylindrical shapes has benefited mankind in various ways and has helped us conquer lofty heights.

But as they say, every great product has its own set of drawbacks.

Can you believe, a tiny pencil can be the sole cause of deforestation.

As we mentioned, the countless pencils that we use daily are made from graphite and are wrapped with WOOD. Wood that we get from the trunk of trees. A tall, strong, healthy, and beautiful tree is cut down just to simply fulfill our need for pencils. No, not just one tree. But acres and acres of forests become barren land to meet the requirement of wood by various pencil industries. Millions of trees are fell to meet the demand of billions of people's demand for pencils across the world.

We can't possibly live with a fact that about 6,000,000 trees are cut to make about 15,000,000 pencils every year. Now we are cutting down an entire forest just to have Pencils to write with?

And therefore, there comes the concept of Plantable Pencils. We may have seen Plantable Pencils before. That, however, is made from wood. It doesn’t make sense to cut down trees and then have the pencil sprout into a plant, does it?

The pencils you see above are made from 100% recycled paper and each contains a seed of vegetable or flower and after it is used, it can be buried in your garden pot. Our plantable and recycled paper pencils are incredibly unique and different from any normal ones. Primarily they are made from recycled paper and not wood. This means not even a single tree has been harmed to manufacture our ideal pencils. But instead, they are made from waste paper like newspapers and other junk paper which is recycled reducing waste and ceasing further degradation of the environment.

Newspaper pencils are not just another thing to buy, but 'The Replacement for your regular pencils.

We have said this before and we shall continue saying so, trees are a need for us and the Earth. They influence a lot more of our life than we can think of.

So switch to eco-friendly and sustainable stationery with PampEarth's newspaper pencil which is produced from recycled and old newspapers.

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