Just in case you were wondering, this will be another article telling you to buy a reusable bag and use package free shampoo, let us clarify in the beginning that this article is here to encourage you to raise awareness, take physical action, and think a little differently in making sustainable lifestyle choices that positively impact the environment.

So here we will be talking and discussing simple practices in the hope to inspire us to live and work consciously and creatively. Our goal is to make sustainability easy and achievable for your lifestyle and small businesses. And if you are new to this whole sustainability concept or you just want to get an inside then we hope this article will show you that sustainable living doesn't have to be complicated, and you do not need to sacrifice the things you love to live consciously. Instead, the key to a sustainable lifestyle is making small positive changes with a slightly different approach. You don't have to do every step in this guide, at least not all at once. You can make it with a slow and steady approach because slow and steady wins the game.


  • Know what sustainability means:

It is important to understand the complexity of sustainability and environmental issues. Sustainability mainly represents a balanced co-existence with the environment. Unfortunately, we can never make a 100% sustainable choice as ideal conditions are an exception. Even when we think we are doing the right thing, we often have to compromise one issue for another.

  • Get clear on your values:

What are you most passionate about? Maybe it’s a particular cause or issue. Or maybe it’s a little bit of everything. Any answer is fine, and everyone’s value is different. But it’s important to know exactly what matters to you most, as every decision you make from here forward will be shaped by your values.

  • Do not feel the green guilt:

Sustainable living and environmental movements often come with a certain benchmark and the idea of being perfect. And perfect is rare. So we believe it is important to be open, honest, and raw about our journey and learning. We don’t need to justify our decisions or mistakes. Our goal is to reduce carbon footprints and one step at a time is acceptable.

  • Doing what you can is enough:

We have our lifestyle limitations due to the environment we live in and the social circle we share. Therefore it is important and impactful to make the best decision you possibly can with the things, people, resources, and choices in your access. At PampEarth, we believe just being conscious about the decisions and purchases we make is enough, and you should believe that too!

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