If living with less plastic was easy, everyone would be doing it. We all know that plastic is harming the environment, but it’s so prolific in our lives that replacing it can be tough. While we want everyone reading this to make the switch to living with less plastic, we also want to be as honest as possible about what living plastic-free is like.

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Living plastic-free can be tough change, and may be that is why we want to do it. We love achieving tough goals. We believe you can imagine how proud moment it will be to feel the rewards of saving the planet as well as the species living in it. So let us prepare to achieve this big goal of going plastic free and study the challenges we will face on its way:

1. Find alternative products for living plastic-free:

The one of the hardest parts about living plastic-free is finding replacements for all of the products you buy that use plastic. When you start digging into the products you purchase, you will find that an alarming amount of them comes in the plastic packaging. This not only shows that how big the problem of plastic is, but it also means that it will take time to go fully plastic-free.

There are alternatives for many plastic products which are completely eco-friendly, natural and easy to decompose. We believe you would stay in touch with us at PampEarth to explore more of such alternatives.

2. Making your own alternative products for living plastic free:

What about making plastic alternatives at your home? There are many alternatives which can be used in place for plastic products, and can be made in your home. It can be a cleaning product or a home-made fertilizer for your plants, or sometimes more interesting and useful DIY projects.

3. Maintaining the plastic-free habit:

So, you have removed from your life adopting to other alternatives for a week now. But what now? It can be harder to find alternatives every other day, whereas it is super easy to buy and use plastic products. So, naturally it can be difficult to maintain the plastic-free habit, because falling back to your old ways seems easier.

But just like maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine, the benefits of living plastic-free are so profound that it makes maintaining to the habit more than worth it.

4. Keeping it up despite pressure from friends and family:

Most people who start living with less plastic don’t anticipate this happening, but it is very result of making the lifestyle change. Peer pressure is something that makes you change your decisions mostly unintentionally. There can be pressure from people in your social circle to use or buy plastic products when you’re out with them. They may not fully understand why you’re trying to live with less plastic, so they’re not taking it as seriously as you are.

Because these people are close to you, this pressure can become uncomfortable in some ways, but as long as you remember why you are making the switch from plastic products to the eco-friendly products, towards living a plastic-free and you stick to it, they will respect you for it, if not today, then tomorrow.

5. Don’t worry about offending other people with your lifestyle change.

When people see others living a different lifestyle, they automatically compare it to their own. So when you’re going plastic free, your lifestyle may seem a little harder than others, but as the old ones says, achievement comes at a cost of sacrifice.

So if you are ready for a daily life adventure of #lets_go_plastic_free, let's celebrate # plastic free July and have an adventurous plastic-free July and beyond with PampEarth. Stay tuned for more

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